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Stop Chasing Clients

Straightforward Strategies for Heart-Based, Ethical, & Authentic Client Attraction

Discover the simple 3-step formula designed specifically for Holistic Practitioners to help you attract more of the clients you want to work with and are highly motivated to work specifically with you.

  • Attract more enthusiastic clients who are excited to work with you
  • Reduce overwhelm & create more ease in your marketing efforts
  • Build a word-of-mouth system that consistently brings you new clients
  • Free your time with automated systems that drive bookings
  • Feel fully valued by your clients while remaining affordable
  • Expand your practice to the level that's right for your lifestyle
I Want to Stop Chasing Clients!

More Clients, Not Magic Marketing Tricks

No Magic Marekting TricksAs a Massage Therapist you’re not like every other business out there. Your care and concern for you clients is tantamount to your success and longevity. Your integrity, honesty, and a non-salesy approach are crucial to getting more clients.

It's time to create the marketing system that fits your practice and your personality. You want your clients to respond with enthusiasm, recognize the incredible value you provide, and be ready to take action and change their lives.

There is no “paint-by-number and it works for everyone” program. Just a simple framework designed to put the right information, the right strategies, and the right tools into your personalized system for attracting clients. There is no magic. There is just a well thought out process focused on Holistic Practitioners and built on the fundamentals of what your clients want, how they will respond to you, and how you personally can maintain progress.

Proven 3-Step Practice Development System

  • Step 1 - Your Success Mindset

    Overcome the roadblocks that keep you stumbling and failing to grow while building your foundation for a practice that serves your needs with clients who love your work.

  • Step 2 - Ideal Client Targeting

    Discover what resonates with your clients so they recognize the healing they need then build a system that magnetically attracts clients who see themselves as a perfect fit.

  • Step 3 - Develop Referral Relationships

    Build an automated system for establishing referral relationships with clients and colleagues and enable them to send you ideal clients who are eager to work with you.


Create More Ease in Your Practice?

As a Holistic Practitioner marketing is about the last think most of you want to spend time thinking about. Separating yourself from the herd can seem daunting and confusing. What you say needs to work for both your clients and YOU or everything you do will have the exact opposite impact on attracting new clients.

Typical marketing systems and strategies won’t work for you. You need a system designed for your specific needs and built around your capabilities and skills. You want help and support to accomplish all of that in a way that fits your unique needs as a Holistic Practitioner.

Discover this Practitioner-Focused program that combines the real-world tested components of three critical centers every Holistic Practitioner needs to be successful in business and attract enthusiastic and motivated clients without ever "selling" or using tactics designed to trap clients into working with you.

Discover the SIMPLE 3-Step Formula you can use to attract highly motivated clients who want to work specifically with YOU.