3CC Magnetic Client Attraction System
Self-Paced Basic Training Program

Designed Specifically for Holistic Practitioners

As a Practitioner you’re not like every other business out there. Your care and concern for you clients is tantamount to your success and longevity. Your integrity, honesty, and a non-salesy approach are crucial to getting more clients. It's time your marketing matched the reality of who you are as a Practitioner.

Stop Chasing Clients! Attract Highly Motivated People Who Want to Work Specifically With YOU.

Marketing your practice and developing your business can be an overwhelming burden for many Holistic Practitioners. For others, it's just a time-sync they'd rather not focus on.

Even worse, it can sometimes leave you feeling like a fast talking used-car salesman. It's time to change the paradigm and stop chasing clients and sometimes begging them to work with you.

What if instead you could find a way to easily attract clients who were excited about your work? What if they were willing to invest time, money, and effort with you trusting that the value was both important and powerful? What if they wanted to share your work with friends, family, and strangers?

What Will You Be Able To Accomplish For Your Practice?

Create the magnetic client attraction you need for greater ease in your marketing

  • Stop Chasing Clients

    Attract the clients you most want to work with so you can feel comfortable knowing that every client wants and needs your personal support

  • Word-of-Mouth System

    Implement a straight-forward word-of-mouth system that consistently brings new clients so your practice stays full and you can stay focused on helping them

  • Improve & Automate Marketing

    Simplify and automate your marketing while increasing its effectiveness so you waste less effort and money you can’t afford to spend

  • Recognize Your Full Value

    Recognize your full value while still remaining affordable by reducing your competition with others so you are no longer bound by “market rate”

  • Create More Ease

    Reduce the overwhelm in your marketing development and client attraction with the step-by-step instructions, support, and accountability that keeps you moving

  • Expand Your Practice

    Expand your practice to the size and income level that’s right for you so you can spend your time the way you want with the finances that fit your lifestyle

The Potent Difference for Practitioners
Built Into This Unique System...

Welcome to the first of its kind program design specifically for Holistic Practitioners to help you build a solid foundation for your practice and the support you need to get started and continue to develop for the next 10+ years!

No Magic Marketing Tricks

This isn’t a “paint-by-number and it works for everyone” program. It’s a simple framework designed to put the right information, the right strategies, and the right tools into your personalized system for attracting clients. It’s not magic, it’s just a well thought out process focused on Holistic Practitioners and built on the fundamentals of what your clients want, how they will respond to you, and how you personally can maintain progress.

Step-by-Step Instruction & Support

To get consistent and long-term results you need the right information in an easily digestible format and the support to not only follow through, but to make it work for you. With this program you will get all of that and more to continually address the ongoing needs of your practice in multiple areas and replicate the success of others for yourself.

Create More Ease in Your Client Attraction

Getting new clients can be a burdensome chore for many practitioners. Randomly attracting someone who will pay your full rate and keep coming back is a challenge. Instead, you want to be able to easily find those who already align with the work you can do and are excited and motivated by the results you provide. Creating this shift will ease the process for attracting new clients.

Progress on Your Schedule (with Support)

It takes time to develop your practice the way you want it to look. No two practitioners move at the same pace or need exactly the same support. This is where the power of a Mastermind Group becomes a powerful support. By collecting Practitioners together all working towards the same objective you get not only personalized support but the support and accountability of working with your peers. Hive-mind adds value, motivation, and support that you won't find anywhere else.

3CC Magnetic Client Attraction System

Everything You Need To
Design, Implement, and Successfully Manage
Your Personalized and Highly Effective Client Attraction System

Your success begins with the Magnetic Client Attraction System that will help design and implement the strategies and tools you need to achieve your goals.

The 3CC Magnetic Client Attraction Un-Marketing System covers the three critical centers to success - YOU, Your CLIENTS, and REFERRALS. It covers everything you need to design, develop, implement, and successfully manage your personalized and highly effective magnetic client attraction system.

  • Step 1: Accelerate Your Results

    Personal VisionBuild the personal foundation you need to maintain the motivation and focus required to develop a practice that meets both your personal and professional needs and is designed specifically around what is important to you.

    Additionally, you will discover how to overcome the roadblocks that have kept you stumbling and failing to get the results you want. It all begins with building a simple plan and laser focus on where you’re going and how you’ll get there.

  • Step 2: Get More Qualified Leads

    Magnetic Client AttractionDiscover how to consistently, effectively, and sustainably attract the kinds of clients that are easily aligned with your work and highly motivated to work specifically with you.

    Develop the messaging that resonates with your clients and help them recognize the healing they want and need.

    Then build a system to magnetically attract clients who see themselves as a perfect fit for your practice so they become loyal, long term, repeat clients who are ready to refer all their friends.

  • Step 3: Build Your Word-of-Mouth Network

    Word-of-MouthImplement an easily managed system to consistently fill your practice with word-of-mouth referral clients that are ready to get started with little or no effort on your part.

    You’ll do this by combining all the previous sections into a cohesive system that will  help establish referral relationships with clients and colleagues and enable them to send you ideal clients who are eager to work with you.

    Once this marketing system is in place it will become automated and self-sustaining so you continually receive a stream of high quality, enthusiastic new client referrals who love your work.

What is in the Self-Paced Basic Training Program?

This program is exactly what it sounds like. It contains all the training, worksheets, and information you need to implement the 3CC Magnetic Client Attraction System in your Practice.

  • Easy to Understand Video Training Sessions

    Each module contains multiple short video training sessions along with transcripts to help you grasp the critical information you need to move forward. These trainings are bite-sized and easily digestible so you can get the appropriate information and begin implementing immediately.

  • 30+ Powerful Schedule Filling Templates & Worksheets

    Developed over 10 years these templates have been tested, reviewed, and refined specifically to help Holistic Practitioners fill their Practice with new clients. Each is simple, straightforward, easy to follow, and is designed to help you find your personal answers and build the right system for you.

  • Personalized & Results Oriented Tools & Support

    This first of it’s kind program brings together 3 framework-based systems to help you overcome your biggest obstacles and drive the personal results you want. When fully implemented you will never have to “sell” another session and will consistently attract highly motivated clients who are enthusiastic to work with you personally.

Program Value
Similar Less Effective Programs Sell for $1,000-$5,000+

Retail Value of This Program: $500

Your Investment Only:

Program to Launch Mid-Late January 2017
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PRE-SALE BONUS: 50-Minute Practice Development Strategy Session ($250 Value) - In this 1-on-1 session we'll discuss your critical focus areas, potential target audience, and where to best put your energy to get moving in the direction you want.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Within 30 days, if you decide this program is not right for you I’ll refund your money. How simple and risk-free is that? Use the training for 30 days, attend the Membership Sessions and access all available content. If you don’t believe this will help you achieve your goals then just say so.


Discover the SIMPLE 3-Step Formula you can use to attract highly motivated clients who want to work specifically with YOU.