Belief Addictions That Keep You Struggling

(Disclaimer) I’m not a psychologist or therapist so please take all of this as opinion and observation from the perspective of working with Holistic Practitioners and not a clinical, medical, or psychological diagnosis.

The word addiction and the suggestion that you might be struggling with one can feel a bit abrupt. After all, you’re a healthy, self-aware, and generally consciously behaving Practitioner, right?

This isn’t about chemical or gambling or other self-destructive addictions, though.

What I’m talking about is how you believe your beliefs and the impact this has on your ability to stay sustainable and attract new clients.

Here are my thoughts on the subject.

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Now that you know what I’m talking about share your thoughts with me. Do you struggle with this addiction? How have you overcome it? What worked best for you?

Most importantly, if you still struggle with this what help do you need getting over it?

Share your thoughts and comments below. If you have fellow Holistic Practitioners you think might recognize themselves here, then please share this with them too!