Passionate Practitioner Group Program

For Portland Area Based Holistic Practitioners

Welcome to the first of its kind program design specifically for Holistic Practitioners. This program will help you build a solid foundation for your practice and the support you need to get started and continue to develop for the next 10+ years!

Whether you are just starting out, looking to fill out your schedule, or are ready to accelerate your practice to new levels or ways of working with clients you'll find the help you need.

All-Inclusive Program to Support Design, Development & Implementation

To get consistent and long-term results you need the right information in an easily digestible format and the support to not only follow through, but to make it work for you. With this program you will get all of that and more to continually address the ongoing needs of your practice in multiple areas and replicate the success of others for yourself.

This program includes a combination of the following:

  • Step-by-Step Instruction & Training - Designed to give you the information you need to put design the strategies and tools you need.
  • Ongoing Support & Coaching - To implement correctly and stay motivated you need the support & coaching to help you move forward at a pace that's right for you.
  • Peer Connection & Community - Beyond just overcoming the challenge and isolation of working alone it's also important to begin building a referral base of like-minded practitioners who experience the same challenges.

Progress on Your Schedule (with Support)

Progress doesn’t happen just because you have the right information. Progress happens because you remain committed, have the proper support, and keep moving forward!

Additionally, it takes time to develop your practice the way you want it to look. No two practitioners move at the same pace or need exactly the same support.

This is where the power of a Mastermind Group becomes a powerful support. By collecting Practitioners together all working towards the same objective you get not only personalized support but the support and accountability of working with your peers.

Hive-mind adds value, motivation, and support that you won't find anywhere else. It will also help you maintain the long-term development of your practice while dealing with the daily and weekly challenges that arise.

Core Objectives for Your Practice

Every Practitioner has their own personal perspective and goals for their Practice. Every ounce of support you receive is designed to help you achieve your own personal objectives. All information and content offered builds on the key core objectives that each of you desire.

The support and training you will receive are framework-based. This means the information is designed to help you build your own Practice and the systems that will support your client attraction. No two Practitioners will ever be identical in what they offer.

Essentially - even with dozens of other Practitioners in the group none of you will be in competition. In fact, the exact opposite will be true. You'll be learning to separate and distinguish yourself so that each of you can attract more of the types of clients you want towork with!

What's Included

  • Mastermind Sessions (2 hours 2x Month) - Includes a combination of training, supplemental exercises, mini-coaching sessions, peer support, work sessions, and more.
  • Practice Development Training Webinar - Supplemental topics around personal development, marketing, practice implementation,and a variety of other topics.
  • Facebook Group Participation - Exclusive members-only group for peer connection, conversation, additional support, referrals, and more.
  • Access to Full Library of Training Content - Recordings of previous training sessions, webinars, and calls are available here.
  • Individual Coaching Savings (50% of public rate)
  • Member Referral & Rewards Program

6 Hours of Content, Support, and Training Every Month!

New Member Enrollment Includes

All new members receive the following immediately upon registration.

  • 50-Minute Practice Development Strategy Session ($250 Value) - In this 1-on-1 session we'll discuss your critical focus areas, potential target audience, and where to best put your energy to get moving in the direction you want.
  • Personal Practice Development Workbook ($100 Value) - This evaluation and planning tool will help you start asking the right questions about where you want your practice to go and how best to get there.

Total value of enrollment benefits: $350

Your Investment:
$197 Enrollment
After 30-Days Only $67/Month

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New program participants will also receive the following enrollment bonuses.

  • BONUS #1: 30-Days of Mastermind Program Access ($67 Value) - Join all the webinars and in-person mastermind groups to help you get started and stay moving.
  • BONUS #2: Access to 3CC Magnetic Client Attraction Self-Paced Basic Training ($500 Value) - This training includes bite-sized and easily digestible video training and all the worksheets you need to build the foundation of your personal system for magnetic client attraction.

The 3CC Magnetic Client Attraction System Self-Paced Basic Training has all the training, worksheet, and step-by-step instructions to build a foundational marketing system for your Holistic Practice.

Total value of bonuses: $567